Top 5 Wednesday: Books you’re thankful for

We’ve all read those “unforgettable” stories where we know will never forget it no matter how many years have passed since we first read it. Or the stories that no matter how many times you’ve reread them, they still impact you just as strongly as the first time you read it. In honor of those stories and characters, what are five books you’re thankful for? These could be stories that made you cry, made you laugh, made you think, or maybe all three (and more)!

Top 5 Wednesday: Read in Translation

What books did you read in a different language than it was written, or you could also stretch it to what books did you read in your additional languages. For those of us in countries where English is not the lingua franca, this should be an easy(ish) topic, for us monolingual English speakers, this might be more of a challenge. I guess you could also do translated works you have yet to read.