The Traitor in the Game

“London, the near future”

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The Traitor in the Game


Triona Campbell

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Asha Kennedy (Lisbeth Salander for a new generation) uncovered the dark secret at the heart of Virtual Reality game ‘Shackle’ – You don’t play the game; it plays you – and must now go deeper into a dangerous world of corruption and greed: who is the puppet master of the game and what is their ultimate goal?

Set in New York, this is a whiplash-paced, twisty mystery and scorching romance where Asha’s enemies may be closer than she could ever imagine…

My review

I was thrilled to find out the sequel was out there and I broke my book buying ban to get it. I needed it. I needed to know what happens next to Asha and Dark and all the other characters I’ve grown to love. I also needed to know if my gut feeling about Jones was right. And let me tell you, I’m not saying anything. Just read this book please. The pace was extraordinary, the plot twists and turns around every corner and you don’t even notice when you turn the page, since the world around you just disapears when reading. The AI and technology is still a big part of the story and I couldn’t help myself and wonder if this will be our future? It does not even sound that strange to me. My heart is broken, glued back together and stomped on at the same time. I love Asha and I want to just give her a big hug, and keep her safe. We can’t. We can’t keep anyone safe. AI is the future. When will book 3 be there?


“Hello. We’ve been waiting for you..”


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