The Key to Fury

“To Health. To Life. To the Future. We are the Key.”

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The Key to Fury


Kristin Cast

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Safety comes with a price. Change comes with a cost.
The Key Corporation has kept Westfall safe from pandemics for the last fifty years. But that’s not all they’ve done…

After discovering the shocking truth behind the Key Corporation, Elodie and Aiden have managed to escape in search of New Dawn – the stronghold for the Eos resistance movement. There, they can fight for a better world, one where everyone can decide their own futures.

But things aren’t always as they seem, and as they navigate the tricky paths between perception and reality, freedom and fighting for survival, the two young rebels must discover who they can trust, even as they learn more about who they really are…

My review

This book has such an amazing plot twist that even I couldn’t wrap my mind around it at first. I loved Elodie’s character development and I love Blair for begin Blair. The multiple POV’s had me wanting to skip to the next chapter in their POV’s, but I didn’t because I wanted to read the other chaptes so bad. Why 3 stars out of 5? There is a lot of character development, but I was hoping I’d learn more about the Key. That is the element that makes this series the most interesting to me. I missed that. I am hoping for a book 3, because things just didn’t feel completely finished. I would read book 3, just because I want to know what happens next, so far we’ve learned that there is no such thing as a dull moment in this world.

My favorite quotes

“To Health. To Life. To the Future. We are the Key..”


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