The Hurricane Wars

“Someone finally understood. Someone could give voice to all the things that he could never put to words.”

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The Hurricane Wars


Thea Guanzon

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All Talasyn has ever known is the Hurricane Wars. Growing up an orphan in a nation under siege by the ruthless Night Emperor, Talasyn has found her family among the soldiers who fight for freedom. But she is hiding a deadly secret: light magic courses through her veins, a blazing power believed to have been wiped out years ago that can cut through the Night Empire’s shadows.

Prince Alaric, the emperor’s only son and heir, has been forged into a weapon by his father. Tasked with obliterating any threats to the Night Empire’s rule with the strength of his armies and mighty Shadow magic, Alaric has never been bested. That is until he sees Talasyn burning brightly on the battlefield with the magic that killed his grandfather, turned his father into a monster, and ignited the Hurricane Wars. In a clash of light and dark, their powers merge and create a force the likes of which has never been seen.

Talasyn and Alaric both know this war can only end with them. But a greater threat is coming, and the strange new magic they can create together could be the only way to overcome it. Thrust into an uneasy alliance, they will confront the secrets at the heart of the war and find, in each other, a searing passion–one that could save their world…or destroy it.

My review

The hurricane wars is a book I’ve bought at YALC 2024, and I also met the author. It was an amazing experience! I’ve read this book as an audio book, so the way you get through the story is always a bit different to me. Enemies to lovers (slow burn!), arranged marriage and women who can kill are the tropes I’ve been able to tell, and I do like these tropes. Talasyn is this amazing person that always had to fight for everything and is now a soldier. Alaric is that morally grey man you need in your life. The book starts on a lot of world building and politics, but that did not bother me, since I love learning about the worlds of authors. Over to the romance, it was a slow burn romance, but the romance was believable and I loved the way it burned. Sometimes Talasyn got on my nerves, but thinking about it, it made sense she did those things or have these thought. All in all a book to enjoy!


“Their love has seemingly insurmountable odds stacked against it, but it manages to blaze amid the darkness in the same way that our stories, our ancestral memory, our hope can survive three waves of conquerors. Love can make us do impossible, beautiful, terrible things. Love can bloom like revolution.”

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