The Blood Traitor

“We can look at the darkness and let it consume us, or we can recognize that it’s only temporary, trusting that once it passes, the light will return.”

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The Blood Traitor


Lynette Noni

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She’d failed them. All of them. And now she was paying the price.

Kiva thought she knew what she wanted—revenge. But feelings change, people change… everything has changed.

After what happened at the palace, Kiva is desperate to know if her friends and family are safe, and whether those she wronged can ever forgive her. But with the kingdoms closer to the brink of war than they’ve ever been, and Kiva far away from the conflict, more is at stake than her own broken heart.

A fresh start will mean a perilous quest, forcing mortal enemies and uneasy allies together in a race against the clock to save not just Evalon, but all of Wenderall. With her loyalties now set, Kiva can no longer just survive—she must fight for what she believes in. For who she believes in. But with danger coming from every side, and the lives of everyone she loves at risk, does she have what it takes to stand, or will she fall?

My review

I was so exited to start this book, and I’ve finished it within 2 days. I had no problem with getting straight back into the story, because I like my heart being ripped out by a book. I’ll sob like crazy and I’ll probably have a book hangover, but this book and this series was so worth it! The book is, like the first 2 books, fast paced and action packed. It’s adventurous and thrilling and I had no problem going through a box of tissues while reading this book. Cresta makes an interesting appearance in this book and I’ve grown to love her, just like Tor. Tipp was still there, and Caldon too and I’m still in love with Jaren. Sorry, not sorry. The way Jaren and Kiva’s tension was building throughout the first part of the book made me want to knock their heads together and force them to kiss. It was so frustrating, but I do get why this happened. The Blood Traitor is a perfect conclusion to a perfect book series and I recommend this series to everyone that wants to hear it!

My favorite quotes

“Everyone deserves to have someone fight for them, even – and especially, when they’re unable to fight for themselves.”


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