May Wrapup

Each month, at the end of the month. I’ll share what books I’ve finished this month, what books I’m currently reading and which quotes I liked the best!

Currently Reading

The Book Eaters – Sunyi Dean
So, I like the story so far. I like where the idea is coming from and most likely is going. Why I just can’t seem to pick it up? Maybe I’d need a little more headspace for this one. My goal is to finish this book before the end of 2023.

Vespertine – Magaret Rogerson
Another audiobook, but this time my audiobook service decided to remove it all of a sudden. Now, I’ve bought the book and it’s waiting for my on my CR cart.


The Island – Natasha Preston
I’ve been looking forward to this book. And it didn’t dissapoint me, much. It was not quite like I had in mind, but I liked the story and the way of writing.

Five Survive – Holly Jackson
This book however, dissapointed me a great deal. I’ve read A Good Girls Guide to Murder and I had high hopes for this one. We’ve read it for bookclub, and let me tell you we all felt the same.

The Blood Traitor – Lynette Noni
Told you I would finish it! I love this series so much and it is such an inspiration for my own book!

Best quotes this month

“I’m getting on that island, even if it kills me.”

The Island – Natasha Preston

“What if I said you were the right people, in the right place at exactly the right time.”

Five Survive – Holly Jackson

“We can look at the darkness and let it consume us, or we can recognize that it’s only temporary, trusting that once it passes, the light will return.”

The Blood Traitor – Lynette Noni


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