June Wrap Up

Each month, at the end of the month. I’ll share what books I’ve finished this month, what books I’m currently reading and which quotes I liked the best!

Currently Reading

Nightbane – Alex Aster
Reading this on my phone, for the times I didn’t bring a book and need something to read. It will take a while.

Floating Hotel – Grace Curtis
I started this one, but don’t like it. Probably need a different mood.

Wish of the Wicked – Danielle Paige
Same story, I need a different mood for this book.


One Dark Window – Rachel Gillig
Since this is a booksta fave, I postponed this one, but I regret it now.

Two Twisted Crowns – Rachel Gillig
I needed the second book. I loved it.

Things We Hide From The Light – Lucy Score
Okay, but hear me out. This book is from a different characters perspective. So I had to read it, right?

Best quotes this month

“I’m just the wind in the trees, the shadow, and the fright. The echo in the leaves…the nightmare in the night.”

One Dark Window – Rachel Gillig

“Friends make friends better. We accept the bad parts, celebrate the good parts, and we don’t torture you for your mistakes”

Things We Hide From The Light – Lucy Score


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