Five Survive

“What if I said you were the right people, in the right place, at exactly the right time?”

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Five Survive


Holly Jackson

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Eight hours.
Six friends.
One sniper . . .

Eighteen year old Red and her friends are on a road trip in an RV, heading to the beach for Spring Break. It’s a long drive but spirits are high. Until the RV breaks down in the middle of nowhere. There’s no mobile phone reception and nobody around to help. And as the wheels are shot out, one by one, the friends realise that this is no accident. There’s a sniper out there in the dark watching them and he knows exactly who they are. One of the group has a secret that the sniper is willing to kill for.

A game of cat-and-mouse plays out as the group desperately tries to get help and to work out which member of the group is the target. Buried secrets are forced to light in the cramped, claustrophobic setting of the RV, and tensions within the group will reach deadly levels. Not everyone will survive the night.

My review

I loved A Good Girls Guide to Murder, so when I found out there was a new book by the same author, I had to read it! I liked the concept, but it didn’t call to me directly, so I’ve set it aside for a short while and I finally started reading this books, with high hopes ofcourse! First of all, it’s still Holly Jackson’s writing style, and there were still momentes I really liked. I wanted to rate this book 2 stars, but while I think it could have been way better, it’s not a forgetable read. Since she will be at YALC 2023, there is a first order of business to discuss with her. WHAT WAS ON THAT CURTAIN? I did not fall in love with any of the characters, but Holly still was able to make me tear up towards the ending of the book. If I will ever read another book by her? Everyone deserves a second chance, right?

My favorite quotes

“This was the absolute worst way to die. Mid-squat-pissing behind a tree while Maddy’s axe-murderer charged at her from the front. Dignified till the end.”


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