Never Judge a Book by Its Cover

We’ve all seen those covers where we just immediately fell in love. No matter what the blurb said. Sometimes to our surprise, those reads become some of our new favorites! What are some books you’ve picked up and thought you would like because of the cover?

When you lift this cover, you’ll find a totally different cover underneath. I fell in love immediately.
I found this book in a little bookshop in Luxembourg, I just loved the cover! I did read the book and the story did not dissapoint.
Who wouldn’t love a shiny cover like this? Right?
Give me more of this, please? I like how the title says; ‘Powerless’ but there is like a sword on the cover? I loved the book too, just fyi.
This hidden cover thing going on, had me hooked! I totally loved the story too!

What are your cover buys?


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