Long Titles

Maybe you’ve read them or maybe you’ve seen them in passing, but for this week’s prompt, what are five books you know of with long titles?

I have yet to read this one, but it’s a long title for sure!
This book deserves the long title, since it is awesome!
I am soo excited about reading this one, I mean, a book about a book that wouldn’t burn? That makes me wonder….
Books by Holly Bourne are always a good idea. And they almost all have long titles, the longest title I could find among my books was this one, I’m going to go and see if she has a book with an even longer title.
I know, I know, this book only has 5 words in the title, but, in my defense, the second book has an even longer title and it’s still only 5 words!

What book do you own with the longest title ever?


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