Least Favorite 2023 Books

Yeah, so, with these favorite books from last week, it makes sense I do have some books I didn’t like very much..

I did not give any book a 1 star review, but there are some books I didn’t like that much because of various reasons. Let’s get into the top 5.

This one we’ve read for bookclub and I just didn’t like it. Maybe because it was written for a younger audience? Who knows..
Another bookclub pick, but this time it’s not the book that is at fault. It’s me. This was my favorite childhood movie and I did not read the book until now. I just liked the movie better…
I am into these books that are written by a lot of authors, but this book just didn’t get me.
Just a dissapointing read, that’s all.
Yeah, so not my type of book, but I needed a short audiobook for a 2 hour drive. This one fit that description.

What are your least favorite books from 2023?


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