January Book Tag

What’s a book you’ve read so far in 2023 that’s cheered you up?

To be honest, I haven’t done much reading in January, but a story that always cheers me up is the nostalgia about the Harry Potter books. So, I’ve rewatched the movies. It helped a bit.

Find a book with a wintery title.

This book has the word winter literally in the title. That counts!

Find a Dark Academia book.

Loved this one!

Find a book with a dark cover that you like.

I like the cover, and it’s dark. January is a dark month, so yeah.

Recommend a book that takes place over a whole year

This series is the one that’s gotten me into reading and I do have a weak spot for Zoey Redbird.

Recommend a cozy spot to read

With a blanket, or in bed, or on the coach. Just anywhere comfortable is fine with me. Who am I kidding, I read everywhere.

Recommend a reading snack

Something that doesn’t get your hands dirty and is delicious. Oh, I know! CHEESEEEEEE.

What books are you most looking forward to coming out in 2023?

Read all about it in this post: Anticipated Releases

Are you feeling any better about it being January right now?

January is my birthday month, that’s about it. I like the cold, with the cold being outside and me being inside, with a cosy blanket, a good book and a nice cup of tea.

Consider yourself tagged if you feel like it!


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