Got You Into Reading

What are some books that got you into reading? These could be books from childhood that had you hooked on reading at a young age or maybe as an adult you stopped reading and then started reading again years later. Or maybe you’ve always been an avid book reader, but you tried a book outside your favorite genres and discovered a new favorite genre that you absolutely love. Regardless of when, let’s highlight those books that showed (or reminded) us how great books are!

I did start reading books when I was a little girl, but life got in the way, so these are the books that have gotten me back into reading!

The Maze Runner series, I think this is a very captivating series and I even liked the movies!
Whenever someone likes mystery books, and tell me they want to get (back) into reading. I recommend this series. This series is just amazing and thrilling all the way through!
So, this one is very special to me. I was just shopping around and went into the best bookstore ever in Rotterdam (Donner, ofcourse) when I saw this book. It is pink (sprayed edges!) and about vampire’s so I picked it up. Only to devour the entire series.
Same era, I don’t remember reading this first or The Hunger Games or The Maze Runner. Who cares? This book is awesome.
As you can see, this book has seen some serious book crimes. But in my defence, I’ve read it for like 4 times at least. It’s amazing, it keeps being amazing and I just love this.

What books or series have gotten you (back) into reading?


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