First in Series

Whether you’re a fan of short or long series (or both!), most readers prefer to dive into a series. However, where does one even start with how many book series there are?! To “help a friend out,” what are some first in book series you would recommend to friends?

This one took me a while, not because of the first books in a serie, I have (never) enough books, but because I wanted to so this with books I don’t keep promoting already. So here is my top 5.

Aurora Rising is such an amazing first book in the series. I couldn’t wait to go and read the next books and I wanted to live in that world. I still do, actually. This would be awesome, right?
As you can see, I’ve annotated this book just a little bit.. Okay, but this book is funny! I love how this book took me from cying to laughing in just a few pages. One of the best series ever.
I know, I know, BUT in my defence, this series is just awesome, right? Read the next book, please.
Oh, and this one, this is my new obsession. I’m not sharing Wrath, just so you know.
Don’t we all want to have a Caraval to go to? And is this series finished yet? I’m not 100% sure, but at least read this book, because it is AWESOME.

What are your favorite first in series?


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