Books/Series to Read in 2023

The arrival of January usually brings a list of reading resolutions and what we would love to read in the upcoming year. To kick off our first Top 5 Wednesday of the year, what are some books and/or series you want to read this year?

I think I started off this year pretty good on this one!

I’ve kicked off 2023 with Kingdom of the Wicked. We’ve read that one for the ‘Bookish Travelers’, which is my bookclub. I loved this book so much I’ve ordered the whole boxset so this series is one I’m dying to finish this year.
After that one, I’ve started reading Dance of Thieves, still reading that one but the next book is already on my shelves.
This is a series I’ve been wanting to finish for some time now, but reading wasn’t much on my mind. I know part 3 is out now, so the best excuse to take that one up this year!
This was the first book we’ve read in book club, and I didn’t even think about part 2. But, someone reminded me and I had to buy it. That one is a CR right now.
This is one of those series I’ve heard so much about but I just didn’t get myself to start reading them. 2023 sounds good to me!

So, what books and or series are you definately reading in 2023?


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