Anticipated Releases

Is there ever a time when a book lover isn’t thinking about wanting a new book? Let’s talk about books we are looking forward to releasing in 2024!

Need I say more? Release date: 30 January 2024.
Yes, PLEASE! Release date: 23 January 2024.
There isn’t even a cover for it, but The Empyrean Series book 3, you know, the AWESOME Fourth Wing and Iron Flame books? Yes, book 3 is on it’s way in 2023!
With her awesome books, it couldn’t be a surprise this book is pre-ordered already. Release date: 2 April 2024.
I know I still have to read book 2, but I do want this one! Release date: 9 January 2024.

What are your most anitcipated reads in 2024?


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