Music Monday ‘Beth Crowley’

Did you know there are a lot of artists that make bookish songs? I’ll spotlight these songs for you!

Have any of you heard about Beth Crowley?

She makes amazing songs that I listened to before knowing it’s all about books!

What about some Fourth Wing inspired songs?

You told me I was broken
That I never even stood a chance
And I don’t wanna hurt you
But I’m gonna fight to keep the upper hand
Your touch is just like velvet
Your heartbeat is a song
A melody I recognize
The one that mine’s been
Singing back all along

Or, Addie LaRue?

I struck a deal with the devil
Masquerading as a god
I sold my soul
Now I’m all alone
With my bruised and battered heart

What bookish songs are your favorite? Let me know!


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