Anticipating YALC 2023

Young Adult Literature Convention in London, this year it’s taking place on the 11th and 12th of November, I’ve got tickets!

The first YALC took place in 2014, mine was in 2019. I loved the vibes, the authors and the bookish merch! You get to meet all kinds of readers and discover all kinds of new books! I bought a lot of books in 2019, and I met a lot of authors! In 2022 I went there too and met even more amazing authors! I can’t wait to get there November this year!
Soo, it’s a convention for people who love YA books, there are always many authors and booksellers and bookish merch and free goodies to get there! I even got to meet my favorite author for the first time in 2019! I’m hoping V.E. Schwab will be back soon at YALC, but for now I’ve met her a couple of times and (almost) all my books are signed by her. I even have a tattoo based on one of her amazing book series!
Last year I went there too and it was in a different location, which was a bit dissapointing. It looked smaller and it was crowded all of the time. I did meet my other favorite author there, Brigid Kemmerer, not without some tears and devestation, since I was like the 500th in line and the lines were closing at 300!
But, Brigid was so nice to open up a private line and sign all the books people bought and brought! My panic dissolved and I fell in love with how kind she was!
Also, something very special happened! Simon James Green sold us his very own book at the Waterstones stand! That was a really fun moment to experience! I loved the way he promoted his own book and made the sale!
Sooo, this is me standing next to a huge pile of books. These are all the books I’ve bought last year. I’m wondering if this years’ pile is going to be even bigger…

Read more about YALC over here!

Are you going to YALC this year? I’d love to meet up!


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