Hello, it’s me.

I’m back. Again? Yes, again! Life has thrown some challenges at me, but I came back stronger. Makes sense, right?

You don’t know me? Well, here I go!

My online name is CheshireBelle, I’m 33 years old and I was born and raised in The Netherlands. Why I’m writing in English? Because I like it. That’s like the best reason ever, right? So, in this picture my hair is pink. It has been, for a while. But now I’m back to sort of normal. I don’t like fully normal. You will probably see more hair colors I’ve had and will have in the future.

I live with a few pets, because, I just can’t live without them. My dog’s name is Chocky and he turned 9 this year. Born on Valentines day so he has a lot of love to give. My 3 cats are named Queen, Maus and Peggy (Carter). You know Peggy Carter right? Only the best character in the entire Marvel universe, maybe except for Captain America. I just love them.

Yeah, I’m a nerd, but if you didn’t already know that, why are you here? This blog will contain all my ramblings and fangirling to the max, so please leave if you don’t want to read that. I love reading btw, reading and collecting books. These are two entirely different hobbies.

What you’ll find on my blog is everything life throws at me and more. Like, the book reviews I’ll try to keep up, the movie and serie reviews, I’ll try to keep up. I won’t post because I have to, I will post because I feel like it.

Thank you for reading my first rambling.

Love, always love <3

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