Top 5 Wednesday: Read in Translation

What books did you read in a different language than it was written, or you could also stretch it to what books did you read in your additional languages. For those of us in countries where English is not the lingua franca, this should be an easy(ish) topic, for us monolingual English speakers, this might be more of a challenge. I guess you could also do translated works you have yet to read.

Top 5 Wednesday: Required Reading

We’re all forced to read for school at some point or another. Some of the books can be terrible, some can be good but you hated them because you were forced to read them, and some books can just be fantastic regardless! This week, I’d love to see what your favorite required reading books were! And if you don’t have favorites, just do what you hated the most. We’re a measure of extremes over here on T5W.