The In-Between

Rebecca Ansari

26 Januari 2021

“There’s a sort of relief in talking to someone with shared struggles, but it was also like scratching a poison ivy rash: satisfying, but painful at the same time. Whatever he felt though, it was nice to feel slightly less alone.”

Cooper is lost. Ever since his father left their family three years ago, he has become distant from his friends, constantly annoyed by his little sister, Jess, and completely fed up with the pale, creepy rich girl who moved in next door, who won’t stop staring at him. So when Cooper learns of an unsolved mystery his sister has discovered online, he welcomes the distraction. It’s the tale of a deadly train crash that occurred a hundred years ago in which one young boy among the dead was never identified. The only distinguishing mark on him was a strange insignia on his suit coat, a symbol no one had seen before or since. Jess is fascinated by the mystery of the unknown child—because she’s seen the insignia. And, she tells Cooper, he has too. It’s the symbol on the jacket of the girl next door. As they uncover more information—and mounting evidence of the girl’s seemingly impossible connection to the tragedy—Cooper and Jess begin to wonder if a similar disaster could be heading to their hometown. Thus begins an unforgettable adventure about the forgotten among us and what it means to be seen.


Já, ik wist dat dit een jonger boek zou zijn, maar aan de andere kant komen er dingen voorbij in dit verhaal wat ik dan weer juist niet aan dat publiek zou laten lezen. Het verhaal was spannend en leuk. De cover alleen al zie je steeds meer op als je er meer naar kijkt en krijg je steeds meer door wát er nou eigenlijk op staat, naarmate het verhaal vordert. Jess is zó schattig en Cooper is een grote broer die een ieder eigenlijk alleen maar kan wensen. Een lekker boekje voor tussendoor met wat spanning en plottwists. Ook het einde is prachtig. Zeker van dit boek genoten!


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