The girl looked up and smiled. His blood ran cold. She shouldn’t be able to see him. He was fine with not being seen, it was just easier that way. He did what he had to do, like food, sleep and even study. He knew he would never be acknowledged for his work, but to study felt good. He would never receive a diploma, never get a job. She on the other hand would, she was as visible to others as one can be. At least, that is what it looks like. She would grow older, do her duties and start a family. Alex has always been this way, at least for as long as he could remember. Remembering wasn’t his strong suit, but sure enough he remembered what he ate in like the last few days. He doesn’t however, remember whom his parents are, if he has any brothers and sisters or even his age. But Alex, which probably wasn’t even his real name, didn’t care. Life was okay right now and he would survive. He slept where ever he wanted, which was mostly the abandoned building right at the end of the street, he ate whenever and whatever he wanted and he got through the days. But now this girl, this random girl he never met before in his entire rememberable life, looked up at him and smiled. AT HIM! Alex panicked and ran, he ran to the safest place he knew, which was the abandoned building on the end of the street. It felt weird that this was now the only safe place Alex knew about and he was thinking about how this one girl just changed his life. How could a random girl, he had never seen before, see him? Alex must have dozed off because when he startled awake, the girl was sitting on the end of the matrass. “Aaron? It’s time to come home. Running away wasn’t your best life choice and it’s better if you come with me.” Alex had a puzzled face but he felt the panic not being there. “Aaron? Is that my name? Who are you? Do I know you? Home? What is home? Who are you? Why am I Aaron? And why would I ever run away?” The girl giggled and answered “Just as I thought, oh silly! When you’re away for to long, you start to forget! Mom wouldn’t believe me but I just had to go and find my big brother!” Alex’s eyes got bigger and bigger “Big brother? So, you’re my sister? Why? How?” The girl laughed and told her brother “Take my hand so we can go home”. As soon as Alex took his sister’s hand, little by little things started to come back into his mind. The girl was right, he was not Alex, he was Aaron and this girl was his little sister! There had been an accident…

There was a light and his sister walked through it, without ever letting go of her big brother ever again.


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