A letter to my friends

Because even I have a manual, I wanted to share this with you.
I know that everyone has his own manual and sometimes this fits and sometimes it doens’t.
Sometimes you change someone elses manual to make it fit yours, but this is a process.
A process with ups and downs, with highs and lows.
Feel free to change my manual where ever you see fit, but do mind the things that can’t be changed.
You can’t erease my PTSS, you can’t erease my Lipoedema and you can’t erease my Fybromyalgia.
This will always be part of my manual.
Even I have some principals that with a good discussion and valid arguments, can be changed but not eraesed.
I do have boundries, even though sometimes they are nowhere to be found.
Some people deserve me pressing my boundries and I will be dead tired afterwards, but they are worth it.
They are worth my time messing with their manual and pressing their boundries.
But sometimes, I need some me time, because I can’t handle all those people changing my manual or pressing my boundries.
Sometimes, I’m choosing me.
Communication is key to understanding someone’s manual and getting them to understand mine.
When I try to communicate with you, tell you how I feel, how I am, don’t push me away but help me.
Help me understand and together we will be stronger.
I will do everything in my power to help you, even though this means pressing my own boundries and shoving myself to the side for a bit.
Because if I help you and you help me, that is what people call friendship.
That is what I call friendship.
It is what people need, it is what I need.

Love, your friend


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